When I look at my photos the colors make me feel excited – I want for these presets to do the same for you and your clients! 

So my hope in giving you these presets is that you, too, finally feel confident and inspired by the work that you do – not only when you’re inspired and taking the photos, but that the inspiration would continue as you open up your laptop on a Monday morning and edit with coffee in hand and a smile on your face.

Now, it’s time for me to share the secret sauce with you – The WS presets are here! 

Even though I had a clear vision and idea of what I wanted my photos to feel like, I couldn’t figure out how to achieve it.. So many confusing buttons and tweaks and color grades to study… 

It took me years to feel like I finally created a preset I was confident in and felt reflected both my personality and the personality of my clients.

When I did, it changed everything. Suddenly I was attracting like minded clients who valued “warm but not to warm, happy, genuine, timeless” 

I remember the frustrating days, spending hours at my computer trying to find my “style.”


Let’s make magic! Xo

3 presets in color

preset pack includes:

Fitting for every lighting scenario outdoor and indoor

2 black & white presets

For creating timeless, bold black and whites

view some examples

preset 1 example



preset 2 example

click for before


preset 3 example

click for before


preset 5 example



See the presets in action by photographers!

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