Few people are brave enough to take the road less traveled and I know how isolating it can be -- but it’s also an exhilarating adventure. My prayer is that in me you find a mentor who is as fired up as you are about your business and fully invested in getting you from where you’re at now to what’s next.

What I want to say to you first is that I see you, you’re not alone and you can do this. 

i've been there.

Young, passionate, but no idea where to go next?

I dropped out. One week before move-in. Yep. It was officially just me and the camera. Did that story take an unexpected turn? I thought so too.

And the rest is history… 

Can you guess what happened next?

As a senior in high school, my grandparents blessed me with the gift of just enough money to buy myself a camera, lens, and computer. It was the birth of my business.

Determined and refusing to give it anything less than everything I had, I booked 90 senior portrait sessions the summer that I graduated and quickly found myself at a crossroads as summer turned to fall and college neared -- would I choose to go all-in, full of faith into this business I had built what felt like overnight or bring the dream to a screeching halt, pack my bags up for college, and hit the books?


How’d that happen?! I ask myself that all the time.

At 18 I was making sandwiches in my hometown.. Before I turned 20 I closed out my first 6 figure year.

my entrepreneurial story

Full of moments that require more faith than fear. They ask you to step into the unknown and get uncomfortable. But on the other side is opportunities and days I’ve always dreamed of.

The reality is that business ownership is just that. A wild ride.


Ready to invest in yourself and your business?

God gave me mentors along the way who loved me well, encouraged me, and offered so much wisdom and I owe so much of where I am now to the people who came alongside me, so that’s my heart in this. 

I am a firm believer that success is not defined to a degree and careers can start before you’re 25. It’s not for everyone, but if you’re here reading this as a young person with a dream and a little passion stirring inside you, well, I’m already convinced you’re already not “everyone.”

while it has been blood (yes, I’ve definitely taken falls while out on the job), sweat (so much sweet. You try shooting in 90-degree weather on a sunny June day), and tears (you’ve been warned, there are many days of this), it has been my greatest joy and proudest accomplishment.

Over the last 6 years I’ve poured my heart and soul into the photography industry.

Beginning at $500 


mentoring sessions


for the young and passionate business owner who’s ready to run, but needs a route! 


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What I’de Tell The 18-Year-Old CEO that shares my experience and what I went through in my first year or two

if so, go read this post!

I’m too young, nobody will take me seriously, what will my friends think?, I’m not equipped, I’m all alone, no one can relate to me.


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I’m ready to invest in myself, my dreams, and my business!


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Get in on it -- it’s free (and one of my favorite places to connect!) 

Did you know I send a monthly email with biz tips, encouragement, and more?!